Week 1

Week 1 was spent in the large group, getting everyone’s computers set up and learning the basic skills needed to engage in shared work this summer: exposure to python, R, github, jupyter, GIS.

The week included faculty intros, a software overview, an overview of the mathematical point of view on redistricting, and talks on mapmaking, computational geometry, and more.

  • Talk by Sam Wang (Princeton).  Slides

Week 2

Starting with Week 2, we settled into our standard summer schedule:  M-F standard workdays are 10-12 and 2-4, with optional talks at 4pm and later.

  • Talk by Maia Woluchem on Neighborhood Change and Communities of Interest.
  • Talk by Moon Duchin on the Voting Rights Act and Racial Gerrymandering.
  • Talk by Justin Solomon on Optimal Transport.
  • Talk by Eitan Hersh on Data in Election Science.
  • Talk by Jeanne Clelland on Intro to Social Choice Theory.
  • Talk by Moon Duchin on Partisan Metrics (Efficiency Gap, etc).

Week 3

Week 4

  • Talk by Moon on random walks and “p vs. ε theorems”
  • Talk by Keith Gaddie: Is the Redistricting Problem Math, Systems, or People? A Dialogue
  • Talk by Nestor Guillen on Optimal Transport and Redistricting

Week 5

Week 6

Wrapping up and presenting projects!