Slides from Week 5

Jim Thatcher: Distance Matters

Slides from Week 4

Nestor Guillen:  Optimal Transport

Slides from Week 3

Sophia Caldera: Redistricting Court Cases

Slides from Week 2

Maia Woluchem (MIT, Urban Planning): Changing Communities

Justin Solomon: Optimal Transport

Eitan Hersh (Tufts, Political Science): Behavioral Applications of Voter Files

Jeanne Clelland (Colorado, Math): The Will of the People

Moon Duchin: Partisan Metrics

Slides from Week 1

Moon Duchin: intro/overview

Sam Gutekunst (Cornell, Operations Research): Linear Regression

Moon Duchin: compactness vs sampling

Daryl DeFord (MGGG): Intro to MCMC

Justin Solomon: Geometric Algorithms

Sam Wang (Princeton, gerrymandering group): Bugs in Democracy

Programming Instructions

Conda Instructions

Chain Instructions

Chain Plots

Geodata Instructions


GIS tutorial and materials.

Seth’s visualizations.