Week 1: June 8–12

Math, Race, and Voting Rights (Moon Duchin)

The Data Challenge (Ruth Buck)

Census Geographies, Concepts, and Relationships (Mike Ratcliffe of the U.S. Census Bureau)

Measuring Criteria and Tradeoffs (Amy Becker)

Precinct Matching (Hannah Wheelan and Hope Johnson of Princeton Gerrymandering Project)

Projections, Why They Matter, and Districting (Heather Rosenfeld)

GerryChain: Some Recent Developments (Thomas Weighill)

Troubleshooting (JN Matthews)

Week 2: June 15–19

MAUP and Areal Interpolation (Ruth Buck)

Differential Privacy and Redistricting: Investigations On and Off the Census Spine (Aloni Cohen, Moon Duchin, JN Matthews, Bhushan Suwal, and Peter Wayner)

Documentation and Verification (Hannah Wheelan, Hope Johnson, and Baxter Demers of Princeton Gerrymandering Project)