Censuses, enumeration, classification

Nancy Krieger, Politics, Public Health, and the Census

Bowker and Star, from Sorting Things Out

B.R. Ambedkar, From Millions to Fractions (on counting Untouchables)

Legal overview of actual redistricting practices

Realist’s Guide to Redistricting

Partisan metrics

Bernstein and Duchin, A Formula Goes to Court: Partisan Gerrymandering and the Efficiency Gap

Katz, King, and Rosenblatt, (the case for partisan symmetry)

Political philosophy

Dahl, On Democracy, Ch 8, What Political Institutions Does Large-Scale Democracy Require?

Political science methods

Nancy Hite-Rubin, How financial modernization disrupts patronage

and NHR, Field Experiments to Identify “Invisible People”

Ecological inference

King, Rosen, Tanner, (Adding MCMC to King’s EI)

Communities of Interest

Mac Donald and Cain, Community of Interest Methodology and Public Testimony

Fishkin, “Deliberative Polling and Public Opinion”

Gardner, “Representation without Party” (see esp. footnotes on p58 of PDF for case law) and Political Community

several by Stephanopoulos: California, Spatial Territory, Community

Antioch, CA’s “What is a COI?” info page (plus see sidebar for their collection link) and another sample draft COI collection form

Levine, “The Paradox of Community Power”

Rodríguez-Muñiz, “Cultivating Consent”

Young, “Social Groups and Judgments of Injustice”

Massey, “Questions of Locality”

Harris & Weiner, “Empowerment, Marginalization, and ‘Community-integrated’ GIS”

Examples of community structure of districts being described after the fact:

  • California (see district descriptions starting on p28)
  • Pennsylvania governor’s map (courtesy of wayback machine)

Districting Criteria

Cain and Mac Donald, The Implications of Nesting in CA Redistricting