Rediet Abebe, Harvard Society of Fellows (Presentation begins at 9:25)

Steve Strogatz, Cornell Math (Presentation begins at 44:50)

Kimberly Glass, Harvard Medical School (Presentation begins at 1:21:40

Cris Moore, Santa Fe Institute (Presentation begins at 2:00:53)

Discussion Session: Topics and Readings We’re Excited About (Session begins at 2:29:00)

John Urschel, MIT Mathematics (Presentation begins at 3:20:00)

Lightning Talk Session 1 (Presentation begins at 3:51:10)

  • Gill Grindstaff (UT Austin) Data analysis in the space of phylogenetic trees 
  • Ana Rios (UACM) A metabolic network for plastic disposals in Mexico
  • Allison Morgan (CU Boulder) Faculty hiring and the spread of scientific ideas
  • Samin Aref (Max Planck) Analyzing networks of political collaboration

Lightning Talk Session 2 (Presentation begins at 4:14:10)

  • R. Janaki (University of Madras) Learning to be modular: Connection topology in the brain
  • Pepi Pandiloski (UChicago) Cooperation in small worlds
  • Juniper Lovato (University of Vermont) Distributed consent in social networks
  • Rebecca Burkholz (Harvard) International crop trade networks: Shocks and cascades

Ana-Andreea Stoica, Columbia CS (Presentation begins at 4:41:15)

Tina Eliassi-Rad, Northeastern CS/Network Science (Presentation begins at 5:13:20)