Compactness taxonomy (comes with no warranty)

Niemi et al, “Measuring Compactness…”

A guide to the role of compactness in the 1990s Supreme Court cases (the “Shaw line”)

Pildes and Niemi, “Bizarre Districts”

Communities of interest

Gardner, “Representation without Party” (see esp. footnotes on p58 of PDF for case law)

Gardner, “…Political Community”


Reports and related papers

Some sampling papers and reports to see how they handle penalties/objective functions

Mattingly et al, Wisconsin

Mattingly et al, North Carolina

Duchin, Pennsylvania

Cho and Liu, PEAR survey

Chen, North Carolina

Chen, Florida

Chen, Pennsylvania

MGGG’s Santa Clara report, with some analysis of minority population clustering

White paper

Links to interactive things

Experiment with all the ways to district a 2×3 grid: spreadsheet

Doug Spencer’s EI app (Version 1.5)