Recent Civic Science Publications

Jonathan Garlick published a paper, “The Pandemic, Trustworthiness, and a Place for Civic Science in Higher Education”, in the latest edition of the Kettering Foundation’s Higher Education Exchange-  focused on the troubled relationship between institutions and the public.  He explains how Tufts Initiative in Civic Science and work through Tufts Clinical Translational Sciences Institute are bridging divisions and distrust between science and the public by centering equity in pedagogy, public dialogue and practice as an example of how higher education might address fundamental challenges facing science and our democracy.

Garlick, JA, Soisson, A, Bergom, I. Design and Impact of an Undergraduate Civic Science Course (2020). Journal of College Science Teaching, Volume 49 (4), March/April.

Kotsias, V, Garlick, J, Cole, A, Kwon, S, Lightfoot, A, Concannon, T and LeClair, AM. (2020) Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement in Early Stage Translational Research. PLOS ONE

Garlick, JA and Levine, P. (2017) Where civics meets science: Building science for the public good through Civic Science, Oral Diseases, 23:692-696.