Public Service–Spirited Media Takes on the Memory Wars

Public Service–Spirited Media Takes on the Memory Wars” by Peter Pomerantsev is a case “about how you can challenge bitter, cross-partisan divides in a society where disputes over history are weaponized by political forces, and where opposing groups live in separate media realities. The study follows a group of journalists and scholars in Ukraine who pioneered a methodology and set of principles for creating media content that offers a way to move beyond these memory wars.”

Practitioners, teachers, trainers, and organizations can use SNF Agora case studies to deepen skills, develop insights about how to approach strategic choices and dilemmas, and to get to know each other better and work more effectively. Each case tells a true story of a dilemma that confronted a real group of people. You can read the case and discuss what you would do in their circumstances.

Relevant concepts

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