Picking Battles: a case about guns in schools

Picking Battles” is a case from Justice in Schools. According to the summary:

Florida high school social studies teacher Caitlin Crosby grapples with her school’s consideration of arming one of its popular, ex-military teachers. Ms. Crosby is opposed to the idea of arming teachers at her school and considers voicing her concerns at an upcoming school board meeting.

Crosby, who has her temporary certificate to teach but is not yet a permanently certified teacher, is afraid that speaking out against what seems to be a popular proposal will jeopardize her relationships with both faculty and students. She consults two of her friends and colleagues on this dilemma, and their conversation is the centerpiece of this case.

The case raises issues about policy, such as whether anyone should be armed in a school. It also raises questions about process, such as “Whose voices should be most closely considered on the matter of arming teachers?” and “Whose voices might go unheard on these matters due to racially-contextualized power dynamics?”

You can use the case to discuss what you would do. It comes with a discussion protocol and related materials.

Relevant concepts

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