Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at Tufts is available to students needing accessibility support. Any student who has given their instructor an approved accommodation letter can expect their accommodation to continue throughout the semester, whether classes are in-person, online, or hybrid.

It is the role of faculty members to ensure that students have equal access to the course curriculum. Access Tufts has excellent resources for faculty to use when designing and uploading course material to Canvas.

Learn more about accessibility in each of the the educational technology tools we support.

Here are four recommended practices for supporting students with accessibility needs:

  1. Transcripts: When recording lectures and other course content, include a transcript along with the finished recording. Both Zoom and Echo360 do this automatically, and any new video added to Canvas with the My Media/Media Gallery tools will be automatically captioned.
  2. Use Styles and Headings when creating any text document. See: Supporting Student Success with Document Headings
  3. Label all pictures, graphs, and charts. Write a one or two sentence caption and place it just below the image in the text, in whatever app you are using to create that content.
  4. Enable Closed Captions when showing any movie or video clip. See: How to Manage Subtitle Settings

If you have specific access concerns, please contact SAS at: