Transcript – All text of spoken audio is is shown, scrolling, alongside the video or audio. Sections of the transcript are highlighted to correspond to the video or audio being played at the moment.

Closed Captions (CC) – Text of spoken audio is shown on screen in short phrases which appear for short amounts of time and correspond to the video or audio being played at the moment.

Computer-Generated (Machine) Transcription & Captioning – Audio is analyzed by computer to automatically generate a transcript. Computer-generated transcription is not always 100% accurate, and may require manual correction of the transcript.

Human-Generated (Manual) Transcription & Captioning – Audio is listened to by a human who types out a transcript.

Live (Real-Time) Transcription & Captioning – The transcribing of spoken content into text occurs in real-time. The transcribing can be done by computer or by human.



Zoom offers the option for live transcription (in real time) by computer or by human
How do I add live transcription or manual closed-captioning to a Zoom meeting? (ETS)
Managing Closed Captioning and Live Transcription (Zoom)

All Zoom video and audio recordings automatically have a computer-generated transcript created for them, which can be viewed on playback as a transcript, or as closed-captioning:
Audio Transcription for Zoom Cloud Recordings (Zoom)
Editing Zoom Recorded Transcripts (Zoom)

Multiple languages:
Zoom can computer-translate the speech in a meeting live (in real-time) to captions in another language. Currently 11 languages are supported.
Enabling and configuring translated captions (Zoom)
Viewing captions in another language (Zoom)


Recordings and Uploads:
Videos that your record or upload in My Media in Canvas can be computer-captioned in English. Once the captions are available they can be edited. The captioned videos can then be shared with the class in a course’s Media Gallery, or embedded in other Canvas content using the Rich Text Editor.
How can I get captions on My Media videos? (ETS)
How can I edit captions on My Media videos? (ETS)
How do I embed video from My Media in a Canvas text-editing window? (ETS)


Echo360 computer-generates transcripts of spoken English for any capture published to a course. Transcripts are also automatically applied to most Echo360 videos as captions if they meet a certain confidence threshold.
How do I create transcripts or captions for Echo360 recordings? (ETS)
How to edit Echo360 recorded transcripts (Echo360)


VoiceThread provides computer-generated English closed-captions to video and audio after it has been recorded or uploaded:
Using closed captioning (VoiceThread)


Captions in English can be computer-generated for recorded videos in Bongo video assignments
How to Automatically Generate Captions for a Video (Bongo)


Real-time and Recordings:
Offers the option for live computer-captioning during classes and meetings. Captioning is available in 34 languages currently:
Use live captions in a Teams meeting (Microsoft)
Change the language of your Teams captions (Microsoft)


For additional information about captioning at Tufts, see:
TTS’ Captioning Guide

For support using any of the tools above contact edtech@tufts.edu