Discussion Tools for Teaching

Tufts provides and supports several tools for supporting synchronous and asynchronous discussion with your students. To learn more about the solutions below, please contact Educational Technology Services and set up a consultation.

I would like to:

Host a written, threaded discussion with posts and replies from individual students
Canvas Discussions
Canvas logoThe Canvas Discussions tool allows instructors to organize and moderate written online discussions within a course site. Discussions can be restricted to small groups or can be open to the entire course. Read more…
Create a space for students to post blog or journal entries and allow classmates to comment
Wordpress logoWith WordPress, a robust website-building tool, students can create individual blogs and share them with classmates. Instructors can also create a single, class-wide blog and invite students to author and comment on posts. Read more…
Facilitate an online chat among students during a lecture or presentation
Cisco WebExWebEx is a multi-featured phone, video, and web conferencing tool with an integrated chat function. Lecture slides can be displayed on student devices via WebEx and students can use the chat to communicate with the instructor, the presenter, and each other in real time. Read more…
Discuss a video, audio clip, or other piece of media
VoiceThreadVoiceThread is a video and audio collaboration tool which allows users to post media objects, including video, then record voice annotations about those objects while they’re playing. Read more…
Kaltura Tools
Kaltura ToolsIn Kaltura’s Media Gallery in Canvas, viewers can add time-stamped comments to video. Read more…