Kaltura’s media tools include Kaltura My Media, Kaltura Media Gallery, Kaltura Capture, and Kaltura Video Editor. This suite of tools allow instructors to create, upload, edit, organize and distribute video and audio for use in courses.

Kaltura’s My Media, available in Canvas, allows instructors to build a library of video and audio files which are visible to the instructor only, remain available from one semester to the next, and can be added to the Media Gallery in a course as needed. With Kaltura Capture instructors can record and upload video or audio files in Canvas, then edit the files with Kaltura Video Editor, and group them into collections.

Kaltura’s Media Gallery, available in Canvas, allows instructors to add audio and video files from your My Media library into specific courses. You can also adjust permissions so that students can upload media. Kaltura’s Media Gallery also allows for timestamped comments on video.

To get started:

Learn How: How to use Kaltura My Media and Media Gallery in Canvas

Get support: Email edtech@tufts.edu