Multi-Modality Rooms available for teaching on Tufts campuses contain one or more of the following:

  • Projector/Monitor: to display content from a laptop or other device
  • Computer: to run software for presentation and classroom activities
  • WebCam: to capture a view of the person speaking, or other views of the classroom
  • Zoom:
    • Via Room Computer – Zoom app is installed on the room computer. A room mic, speakers, and webcam are provided to work with Zoom
    • Via Your Own Computer – Use Zoom on your own computer
    • Via Zoom Appliance – A special tablet is available with “Zoom Room” software which provides an interface to join and leave Zoom meetings, and uses the classroom AV equipment by default
  • Echo360: to record, edit, and publish live lectures and screencasts
  • DVD/Blu-Ray: to playback recordings in those formats
  • Doc Camera: to display documents via the projector or monitor
  • Wireless Mic: to capture and amplify the presenter’s voice

This AV Rooms List show show rooms are equipped on the Boston, Medford, and Grafton campuses as of Spring 2023

Please note that classroom equipment is updated frequently, so this list may not reflect exactly what is in a given room. Please check the room itself to confirm software and hardware availability.

Note on Enhanced Hardware: six Medford campus rooms equipped with “Zoom Room” software also come enhanced with tracking cameras, in-room audio, dedicated display for Zoom gallery view, and a new instructor control panel. These are: Anderson 206, 211, 212, Braker Hall 001 and 222, and Robinson Hall 253

For resources on how to use these spaces visit: Using Multi-Modality Classrooms