Tufts Students: Do you have an instructor whose use of technology has considerably improved your learning or enhanced your experience in one of your courses?

If so, nominate your instructor for a Teaching with Technology Award and be entered to win a Kindle Oasis!

The Teaching with Technology Awards, sponsored by the Tufts Technology Services (TTS) Educational Technology group, recognize effective and creative uses of technology in teaching at Tufts.

 Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Simulations
  • Carefully-planned uses of social media, video, audio, or online discussions
  • Uses of Trunk or TUSK that significantly enhanced your learning in a course
  • Uses of classroom technology (e.g., clickers or Learning Catalytics) that you found particularly valuable

 The nomination period runs from March 5 – 16. 

Winners will be selected by the university-wide IT Governance Sub-Committee on Teaching and Learning.

Please use the nomination form to submit a nomination TODAY!

For more information on the awards and learn more about past recipients, see the Teaching with Technology Awards website.

Thank you for participating and shining the spotlight on exceptional uses of technology in teaching!

Applications are open for the Instructional Technology Exploration Program (ITEP) for Fall 2017 courses. ITEP offers faculty an honorarium and 1:1 support for designing, implementing, and assessing the impact of a new teaching with technology practice in a small part of a course. Read more and apply today!

Photo Sledding by Tisch by Chrissy Hunt on Flickr.

Photo Sledding by Tisch by Chrissy Hunt on Flickr.

That dreaded word – “nor’easter” – is in tomorrow’s weather forecast, along with 6-12 inches of snow. You may already be worried about how you’ll keep your class on schedule if you or your students can’t get to campus. Educational Technology Services is here to help!


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Tufts campus in a snowstorm

Alonso Nichols/Tufts University Photo

Instructional Continuity sounds serious, but it really just means keeping your class on schedule during disruptive times. This might mean weather events, or it might mean widespread illness — anything that keeps the students from coming to class. Just as you would prepare your home and family for a snowstorm, you can also prepare your class.

Educational Technology Services has compiled resources and tips for to help you keep things on track this winter. There are also links to send to your students and faculty stories about how Tufts teachers achieved instructional continuity during the epic snowfall of 2016.

Plan ways and learn tools that allow you to do things remotely so that Mother Nature will not wreak havoc with your schedule. Visit our Instructional Continuity pages today!

Screenshot of WordPress site setupWe have just added a new feature to the Tufts self-service WordPress platform. Users can now select to start from a number of different “starting templates” in order to give your new website a jump start. Read more here.