Poll Everywhere is a live interactive audience participation platform which can be used for student engagement, classroom response, and assessment. Instructors can use it to solicit and display feedback on everything from student attendance to comprehension of knowledge during or out-of-class. 

Poll Everywhere is recommended for Tufts faculty who are interested in increasing student engagement in their lectures. The software allows the instructor to design and deliver various types of questions, check student understanding, and inspire peer-to-peer learning with real-time analytics and team-based assessment. Students can respond on a range of devices including: computer, tablet, and smart-phone.

Accounts are free for Tufts instructors and students for educational use within courses at Tufts. To learn more about setting up an instructor account, contact ETS at edtech@tufts.edu



More Info About Poll Everywhere: https://www.polleverywhere.com 

Learn How: Poll Everywhere User Guide

Get support: Email edtech@tufts.edu