The GBA Community Social Page is an opportunity to share photos of student and alumni GBA/Fletcher meet-ups happening around the globe! If you are connecting with a GBA/Fletcher peer living in your city or while on a trip, please feel free to share a photo of your meet-up with the GBA Program Office through this link and have it posted on this webpage.

GBA Get Togethers

[Most recent photos are shown first.]

GBA students in commencement regalia during the May 2022 celebration weekend!
Meg Richardson, Christabell Makokha, and Leeann Sadler sport “you’re muted” tees at commencement
Leeann S and Jaclyn T spend a day volunteering while wearing coordinated Fletcher swag!
Colleen J. and Mat G. pose in front of the Tufts Jumbo mascot on the Tufts campus in the rain.
Colleen J. and Mat G. (pictured) meet up with Sarah W. on the Tufts campus. Lots of fun was had despite the rain!

GBA students Mat G. and Amy W. pose for a picture in front of the finish line at the Glacier Half Marathon.
Mat G. and Amy W. run the Glacier Half Marathon together!

Melissa D. and Cynthia C. take a selfie photo together in front of a beach house.
Melissa D. and Cynthia C. meet up with Sarah W. (see additional photo below) for a lovely walk along the beach.

Melissa D., Cynthia C. and Sarah W. stand on the beach at the edge of the water. A little girl plays in the waves behind them.
Melissa D., Cynthia C., and Sarah W. meet up for a beach day.

Sarah W. and Tim C. at a restaurant sitting on either sides of the table, both holding a cocktail in each hand and smiling at the camera.
Tim C. and Sarah W. caught up for margaritas to celebrate Tim’s GBA graduation in May 2021.

From left to right, Dieudonne R., Sarah W., and friend Lindsay W. standing in front of a water vista.
GBA students Dieudonne R. and Sarah W. at dinner with friend Lindsay W.

Eric S. and Bill H. are wearing their graduation cap and gowns and giving a fist bump to each other in front of the Tufts University Jumbo sculpture
Eric S. and Bill H. pose in front of Jumbo on the Tufts campus after taking their graduation photos with Dean Kyte.

Bill H. and Eric S. sit at a table in an outdoor restaurant. Both are turned and are smiling at the camera.
Bill H. and Eric S. grabbing dinner and drinks before the big graduation week-end!

JD, his significant other Courtney, and Steph P. at Steph’s house in Maine. JD and Courtney were on their way to Bar Harbor for a quick New England getaway before shipping off to Hawaii with the Navy as the next Executive Officer for the USS Michael Murphy.

Melissa D. and Sarah W. stand for a selfie photo alongside the Boston harbor.
Melissa D. and Sarah W. met up and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together featuring a walk, a lobster roll, and a visit to Cookie Monstah.

Mat G. and Sarah W. sit on opposite sides of a table in a restaurant.
Mat G. and Sarah W. caught up for brunch while Mat was visiting family in the Boston-area.

Sarah W. and Elise Z. standing side by side in a selfie photo wearing face masks.
Sarah W. and Elise Z. meet up for a trail walk on the Pingree School campus. A great way to start the day!