This page is for incoming students who are starting their first semester in the GBA Program. In addition to the checklist provided by your student success advisor, please ensure that you have completed the below items by the first day of live session classes.

Set Up Tufts ID and Email AddressInstructions are emailed to students about 24-48 hours after making their deposit
Pay Tufts Tuition BillPay your tuition bill by logging into SIS and reviewing your e-Bill. Tuition bills are due by the first day of course access (when the asynchronous content becomes available)
Register for Classes in SISLog into SIS and update your profile. Be sure that you have no holds on your account. Review the SIS Registration Guide if you need assistance registering for classes.
Log into the Online CampusIn the online campus you should: (1) review the course materials when the asynchronous content becomes available; (2) connect with your Student Success Advisor; and (3) join your cohort’s social group and the GBA Textbook Exchange group
OrientationLog into the online campus and complete the GBA Student Orientation module. Students must sign the honor code and code of conduct at the start of their program. Students must also complete the mandatory Office of Equal Opportunity module (module 4).
Fletcher FacesSubmit a biography for Fletcher Faces, our program-wide directory for faculty, staff, and students.
Purchase TextbooksRequired textbooks for each course can be found in the course syllabi. Please review this guide for instructions on ordering textbooks through the Tufts Bookstore. Be sure to also purchase required course packs through HBP once the links are updated for the new semester.
Review the Academic CalendarBe sure to review the Academic Calendar for important dates, deadlines, and scheduling changes.
Register for the Tufts Alumni NetworkAbout one month into your program (there is a slight delay in uploading your information to the website), join the online Tufts alumni directory. This will allow you to directly connect with other Fletcher community members.
Check out the Social Groups on 2TUSocial groups in the online campus (2TU) provide students with additional opportunities to connect outside of the classroom. Each cohort is placed in their own social group at the start of their program. Please connect with your Student Success Advisor, Jaclyn, on the platform first in order to be invited to this private group. Additionally, there is a GBA Textbook Exchange group through which students can sell and buy their textbooks. You can join the Textbook Exchange group here.
Register for LinkedIn PremiumAfter the add/drop deadline, register for a Linkedin Premium account (membership included with your tuition).
Student DiscountsReview the list of student discounts available (compiled by the student success team).