Launched in Fall 2020, the Leadership Development Program focuses on career and leadership development and has been custom-designed for GBA students based on feedback from you, the ethos of the GBA program, and the most current research and trends on personal and career development.

Course Description

Leadership must evolve. Our current reality demands leaders who are self-aware, emotionally and culturally intelligent, and, above all, committed to serving others and the greater good of society. In this time of extreme uncertainty and disruption, we need leaders we can trust who value and nurture us as individuals and are able to build community to support our recovery and future growth.

This is a practical, developmental course that is designed to support you in discovering your full leadership potential and to accelerate your development as a leader in the global context. It seeks to establish the habits and mindset required to continue to evolve your leader identity throughout your life and career. The overarching goal is to teach you to process and reflect, as opposed to developing a particular style or behavior. This process of reflection promotes a deep understanding of yourself and others and will take a number of forms, including introspective writing and engaging deeply with fellow student in dyads and small leader development pods.

The segments of the course are nested, progressing from leader development (intrapersonal, focused on individual leaders) to leadership development (interpersonal, focused on enhancing leadership capacity) to global leadership (focused on developing global competencies, cultural intelligence) to sustainable leadership (focused on sustainable value creation for the self, enterprise and society).

Student Testimonials

How would you describe this course to a fellow student who is considering taking it? What advice would you give them, if any, about how to approach it?

  • “The maxim that ‘you get out of it what you put into it’ was never more true than with regards to this course. It is worth the effort, but do not underestimate the commitment that will be required to do it right.”
  • “This course is an investment in yourself. Consider self-care. Focus on things that resonate, but don’t try to dedicate 100% to every piece of it just for the sake of getting it done. Save things that don’t resonate for later…because it is all very high quality content!”
  • “You get to spend time with other GBA students in a non-academic setting to work on softer skills and get perspectives from classmates with other backgrounds.”
  • “Get ready for some serious self-reflection!”

Course Outline


  • Complete Self-Assessments
  • Begin Resume Refinement
  • Bonus Module: Intro to Career Development

Part I: Understanding and Leading Yourself

  • Week 1 – Leadership Begins with You
  • Week 2 – Your Journey to Leadership
  • Week 3 – Developing as an Authentic Leader
  • Week 4 – Cultivating Self-Leadership

In this segment of the course, you will examine your strengths and values and learn how to cultivate self-awareness and self-leadership. You will reflect on your journey to leadership in order to see yourself more clearly and embrace your goals for the future.

Part II: Understanding and Leading Others

  • Week 5 – Leadership as a Relationship
  • Week 6 – Leading through Effective Communication

Continuing the leader’s journey beyond the self, this segment of the course focuses on making the transition to serving, leading and empowering others. Effective leaders cultivate strong meaningful relationships which are built on a foundation of trust, respect and mutual understanding. These high-quality relationships strengthen engagement and foster individual and organizational effectiveness.

Part III: Leading Across Cultures

  • Week 7 – Developing as a Global Leader
  • Week 8 – Developing Cultural Intelligence (Part 1)
  • Week 9 – Developing Cultural Intelligence (Part 2)
  • Week 10 – Leading Across Cultures

The third segment of the course focuses on global leadership in today’s interconnected and increasingly complex world. Thriving in the global context requires the development of specific global competencies. You will explore your global competencies and identify ways to further develop them. We will also take a deep dive into Cultural Intelligence (CQ), including the seminal ways in which cultures differ, and how to apply CQ in leading across cultures.

Part IV: Sustainable Leadership

  • Week 11 – Designing and Leading an Integrated Life
  • Week 12 – Sustainable Enterprises Need Sustainable Leaders
  • Week 13 – Sustainable Leadership for a Thriving Society and Environment

The final segment addresses the whole person as well as the whole system. It looks at leadership through the “triple lens of sustainability”, linking personal sustainability to business and societal sustainability. We will explore ways to create sustainable change to benefit you, those who are most important to you, your organization, and the planet.

Bonus Module: Advance Your Global Career

  • Communicating Your Value
  • Creating and Leveraging Networks
  • Navigating Career Transition

The two bonus modules, positioned as “bookends” in the flow of the course, are designed to support your career development. Among other things, a number of interviews with Fletcher alumni are included in this module. The career-specific content in the bonus modules as well as the process of reflection and leader development throughout the course will support your career development.