B297M: Seminar: Fletcher Reads the Newspaper

Fletcher Reads the Newspaper (GBA B297M) is a seminar class worth 1.5 credits that replaces the international immersion requirement during the COVID-19 epidemic. The course, led by Dean Bhaskar Chakravorti, meets once weekly via live sessions, with no recorded asynchronous material. Throughout the term, the weekly sessions focus on analyzing the news of the day from the disciplinary lenses employed in the GBA program. External discussants are invited to act as conversation catalysts to enhance the discussion.

The course is graded on a Pass/No Credit basis. As the title implies, the course quite literally follows the course of the news, and the topical focus shifts as needed to accommodate this. The primary readings consist of careful and critical assessments of the news. While there are minimal supplemental readings as well, the reading load is not extremely heavy. Grades are assigned based on live session participation, a group presentation/project, and a short individual paper.

B299M: Capstone Immersion

In keeping with state guidelines, the fall 2020, spring 2021, and fall 2021 on-campus immersions have been moved to a virtual format. We are obviously disappointed to miss the opportunity for in-person connections, but we are confident that the virtual immersion will be rewarding, engaging, and will prepare you for the subsequent Capstone Lab course.

The virtual immersion will take place over the course of 3 days on Zoom. There will be a variety of different sessions focused on problem-solving frameworks, pitch development, and group work. The immersion will count for 1.5 credits towards the term’s course load. Students who complete the virtual immersion will also be required to enroll in the 3.0 credit course B300: Capstone Lab in the same term. This course will feature engaging teamwork with a real life client, to be announced during the immersion.

To better facilitate discussions and increase collaboration through Zoom, the virtual immersion will be capped at 24 students. Students are unable to register for the immersion in SIS, but rather must register through a separate Qualtrics form that is emailed out to students a few weeks before the course registration period.