Students are encouraged to socialize and build networks as a key part of the GBA experience. One opportunity for creating connections is through GBA Interest Groups.


Interest Groups are formal groups of students that meet frequently to discuss a topic or area of interest. Topic areas may be academic, professional, or personal in nature, but should be broad enough to include a range of students and related to the GBA program (please see the “Policy” section below). The aim of these groups is to provide students with shared interests a platform to discuss areas of interest, network, research, share, write, and brainstorm ideas, as well as discuss future trajectories and innovations in a chosen field, topic, or industry. We hope that the creation of GBA Interest Groups will help to build a strong GBA community and allow students to further develop leadership and professional skills.

Existing Interest Groups

If you are interested in joining an existing GBA Interest Group, please email the Group Leaders directly.

Group NameDescriptionGroup LeadersEmail Listserv
ESG & Corporate ResponsibilityGroup Goal: An ongoing group-chat that mentions articles or issues we see in daily life with a bi-weekly zoom meet up that hosts different people who are working in the space and how they implement ESG into their career or have constructed their career around ESG.
Group’s Three Pillars:
(1) ESG as investment
(2) ESG as corporation
(3) ESG as business venture
Within these three pillars, we will seek to:
(1) On an ongoing basis, share conversations and articles regarding ESG and have productive conversations with people who are like-minded and passionate about the same topics. This will help in relating ESG to the broader macro/global picture
(2) Seek out potential pro-bono projects within large corporations to work on as a group, giving all of our members a better understanding for what potential projects/roles could look like and further develop skills.
(3) Invite speakers on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to speak on ESG integration into a career. These events could be open for all of Fletcher/Tufts members to attend.
Sally Whitmore (
Bennett Schwartz (
Joel Silverstein (
GBA plus 1: Networking for and by StudentsGBA plus 1 is focused on offering opportunities for networking, substantive educational engagement, and career exploration for GBA students via virtual gatherings. Each session will be facilitated by one GBA student and will feature an invited guest from that particular GBA student’s professional/personal network. Using a simple “fireside chat” format and open-source approach to planning meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis, GBA plus 1 has the potential to cover a wide range of topic areas of interest and relevance to the GBA community. A small working group of GBA volunteer planners will help ensure smooth, professional, and inclusive settings within and across each event. Adam Basciano (
Catherine Ternes (
Inclusive LeadershipThe goal of the GBA Inclusive Leadership Interest Group is to provide students with an interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) a platform to discuss, research, share, brainstorm, and network with students who are interested in building their leadership capacity with a specifically equitable and inclusive lens. In this group we will discuss the different types of diversity that exist in a global workforce and ways to ensure we boldly embody and incorporate equitable and inclusive practices into our leadership habits.Christabell Makokha (
Margaret (Meg) Richardson (
Modern Asia-PacificThe group will provide a forum to explore the region through various lenses – including trade, finance, supply chains, culture, geopolitics, security, etc. Thomas King (
Anthony Benja-Athon (


There are no criteria for joining an Interest Group, and students do not need to be an expert or working in the specific field to participate. There are no fees for joining or creating a group.

Interest groups are entirely led and organized by current students. While the GBA Program Office can provide input and support where needed, interest group leaders and members are responsible for facilitating group communication, meeting times, and events.

Interest group activity is evaluated annually in January, based on the previous calendar year. The following criteria must be met for GBA Interest Groups to officially remain a part of the GBA Program and advertise on GBA Connect:

  1. The Interest Group topic area is true to the ethos of the GBA Program and is broad enough to allow for a variety of students with diverse interests in the topic to participate and join discussions. Example Interest Group ideas include:
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Environmental Sustainability/Climate Change
    • Cybersecurity
    • Sustainability
    • Impact Investing
    • Women in Business/Leadership
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace
    • Career Transitions: Military to Civilian
    • Student Publication/Newsletter
  2. The group meets at least once per semester (ideally monthly).
  3. The group has two elected chairs (group leaders) that delegate roles and responsibilities and maintain communication with the GBA Program Office. The names and Tufts email addresses for the two group leaders will be advertised on GBA Connect (group leaders must be current students).
  4. The group must organize at least one open virtual event each calendar year (between January and December). These events can take a variety of formats and the only requirement is that they are open to the entire Fletcher community. Event ideas include:
    • Discussion around particular topic (similar to a Fletcher Reads the Newspaper event format)
    • Guest speaker
    • Round table
    • Faculty chat
    • Social hour with guided discussions
    • Networking event
  5. Interest Group leaders/chairs for the upcoming year should be chosen in December by majority vote within the group. If a student is expected to graduate during the calendar year, an additional interest group leader should be chosen as a replacement. Leaders should be actively enrolled GBA students. At the December club meeting, a majority vote of those present is required for the Interest Group chair vote. One-third of all active members shall constitute a quorum.
  6. Every January, the group leaders must complete the Interest Group Annual Report to the GBA Program Office to note previous year’s activities and upcoming plans for the new year.

Creating an Interest Group

Interest Group activity is evaluated annually in January, based on the previous calendar year however, a new Interest Group may be created at any time. Interest groups are entirely led and organized by current students. While the GBA Program Office can provide input and support where needed, interest group leaders and members are responsible for facilitating group communication, meeting times, and events.

Students who wish to create a new Interest Group must submit the GBA Interest Group Report Form. The GBA Program Office will follow up regarding approval of the group within 2 weeks of the form submission. This form must also be submitted each December by existing GBA Interest Group leaders.

Advertising Your Group

The GBA Program Office is available to Interest Groups as a support should they need any guidance or input. Interest Group activity and research may also be advertised in the bi-monthly GBA Newsletter or on the homepage of GBA Connect. Students who would like assistance with marketing their group and/or upcoming event should reach out to the GBA Program Office.

Creating a Strong Community

Students come to Fletcher with a diverse array of backgrounds – from where they grew up, to the languages they speak, to the careers they pursued before becoming part of our lifelong community. As such, The Fletcher School believes in creating a strong community through exposure to and participation in a variety of educational, cultural, recreational and social programs and activities. Much of this can occur through an Interest Group and Fletcher strives to create an environment that honors our values and our students, faculty and staff who represent diverse backgrounds and values.