Welcome to the Geohazards Research Lab!

The Geohazards Research Lab, led by Prof. Laurie Baise, works on regional characterization of geologic materials and their impact on earthquake hazard. The lab primarily works on earthquake hazard; however, we also work across all natural hazards, studying how geologic variability affects engineering design. Our research group has had a long history of research on regional and global models of soil amplification and soil liquefaction due to earthquakes.

In the field of soil amplification, we primarily use weak ground motion and ambient noise to understand the complexity in a regional wavefield. In the field of liquefaction, we work on developing and updating empirical liquefaction models that are built on geospatial information. In this space, we are currently working on connecting liquefaction occurrence to damage and loss. In addition, we have projects using remote sensing to detect damage to the built and natural environments. We use this website as a platform to document our work and to share our results with collaborators. 

The group in November 2020.