PhD Graduates

Jing Zhu, PhD17

Researcher, AIR Worldwide

Global Geospatial Liquefaction Model (GGLM)

Jim Kaklamanos, PhD, EG12

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, Merrimack College, North Andover, MA

Quantifying Uncertainty in Earthquake Site Response Models Using the KiK-net Database

Eugene Morgan, PhD, EG11

Associate Head for Undergraduate Education, Penn State Univ., State College, PA

Stochastic Modeling Techniques for Offshore Geohazards

Thomas Oomen, PhD, EG08

Professor, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences, Michigan Tech, Houghton, Michigan

Pattern Recognition and Satellite Remote Sensing for Liquefaction Characterization

Eric M. Thompson, PhD, EG09

USGS, Research Geophysicist, Northwest Region, Golden, CO

Numerical Modeling of Moderate Magnitude Earthquakes

Gisela Viegas Fernandes, PhD09 at BU (co-advised)

Earthquake Source Properties and Wave Propagation in Eastern North America

Master’s Graduates

Jai Chung, MS, EG18



Daniel Litton, MS15

Vs30 Correlations for the Boston Region

Bradford Berry, MS, EG14

Hayward Baker, Inc.

Site Response in Boston

Davene Daley, E10, MS, EG12

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance

A Geospatial Liquefaction Model for Kobe, Japan

Margela Shirley, MEng12

Pore-pressure induced geo-failures

Eugene Morgan, MS08

Quantitative Geomorphology

Jennifer Lenz, MS07

Regional Liquefaction Hazard Mapping

Sonia Sorabella, MA06 (co-advised with Eric Hines)

Design Ground Motions for Boston, MA

Mark Balfe, MS04

Incremental Accuracy of Two and Three-Dimensional Modeling of Soil Properties

Seth Pasakarnis, MS04

Parametric Signal Modeling of Geotechnical Centrifuge Data: The Behavior of Potentially Liquefiable Soil During Transient Loading

Kevin Dawson, MS04

Three-Dimensional Liquefaction Hazard Analysis using Geostatistical Interpolation

Richard Driscoll, MEng03

Seismic Hazard Mapping of New England

Rebecca Higgins, MS03

Using GIS and Geostatistical Methods for Site Characterization and Liquefaction Susceptibility

Undergraduate Students

Michelle Meyer, BSc20