Fall 2020

Marshall, Avis, and Alex joined a Graduate Student Panel for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student chapter at Tufts to discuss graduate school opportunities and strategies for potential applicants.

Avis joined the Civil & Environmental Antiracism and Equity action team at the University of Connecticut (his alma mater) and serves as a committee member.

Avis presented at a collaborative event run by Tufts University chapters of The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Society of LatinX Engineers (SOLES). The presentation was entitled “Engineering Education in Minority Groups”.

Marshall, Avis and Alex met with the Tufts University ASCE undergraduate student chapter to discuss potential course curriculum changes.

Avis gave two guest lectures to Mechanical Engineering Learning Assistants at Tufts. The first entitled, “Identity, Intersectionality, and Inclusion in Engineering Education”. The second was titled, “Inclusive Teaching Practices and Transforming Office Hours”.

Avis gave a guest lecture to EN-1-16, a course that is jointly taught by Professor Baise and Betsy Kirtland. The course is aimed at first-year undergraduates who have an interest in Civil Engineering, more specifically, towards Geographic Information System Resilience as it pertains to Civil Engineering. The presentation was titled “Class on expanding our definitions of resilience, communities and civil engineering: Expanding our perspective”.

Spring 2020

Avis had a great presentation explaining soil-structure interactions to his Offshore Wind Structures class. These interactions are important to the long term health of any offshore structure.

Fall 2019

Avis volunteered at the American Wind Energy Association conference.

Marshall and Lekan visited Winthrop Elementary School in Melrose, MA, to present an exercise in Google Earth.