GIS Data for US Cities and Metropolitan Regions

General Clearinghouse for Sites with City and Region Information: 

Tufts Geodata Portal

Try searching for a specific city

MIT – GIS – Find Data – their listings of GIS Data by State

Includes many county and city GIS data sites as well.

University of Arkansas – Geospatial and Attribute Data Listing

An excellent site for getting access to US state clearinghouses and other agencies serving geopatial data (also includes US Federal and international data).


San Diego, CA – SanGIS

Good download access and good metadata to a wealth of urban/metropolitan/environmental GIS data – provided by the City of San Diego, the county of San Diego, and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). You need to register first, but it is free.

San Diego – San Diego Association of Governments

There are a few GIS data sets here not easily found on the SanGIS site, including land use.

Note: additional data can be downloaded from the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Maps and Data section


CLEAR (Center for Land Use Education and Research)

University of Connecticut – good site with both land use research project information and GIS data downloads, mostly focusing on Connecticut, including a number of coastal zone/riparian research projects.

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

GIS Data Download Site

Connecticut GIS User to User Network

Good GIS community site for Connecticut organizations using GIS


City of New Orleans GIS

Includes damage assessment and permits for reconstruction from Hurricane Katrina

Greater New Orleans Community Data Center

A non-profit that focuses on providing data for non-profits

Lousisiana GIS Council

Massachusetts and New England

Boston Metropolitan Area – Metro Boston Data Commons

New (2007) site from  the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and the Boston Indicators Project. Includes a variety of socio-economic and other data regarding 101 cities and towns in Eastern Massachusetts. The main tool is an online mapper, but it also has tools to extract GIS shape files and Excel tables.


Portland Metro Data Resource Center

Metro, a regional government, maintains an extensive GIS database with information concerning the Portland metropolitan area. For the most part it is not downloadable for free, but it has good documenation, online viewing, and is an excellent example of a well-organized metropolitan GIS. Also note that students may purchase a CD of the RLIS main data set for $65.


Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS)

Texas state GIS data clearinghouse, includes Border Information Center



Rice University – GIS Data for Houston: this site from Rice keeps track of where to find Houston data, most of which is either available for free download or at very low cost.

Washington, DC

District of Columbia Geographic Information System

A wealth of free dowloadable GIS data layers (ESRI shape file format), very well documented. Go to the GIS Data Search link – the search tool is a bit clunky, but you can also browse by alphabet letter.