2007 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

2007 GIS Poster Expo Gallery


Katherine Moon
Comparing Accessibility to Health Care: Austin, Texas

Mary Zagar
Environmental and Social Benefits of Land Conservation



Albert Allotey
Land Use Change
Amanda Fencl
Coastal Ecosystem Vulnerability

Andrew Gold
Sewer Overflows and Fecal Coliform

Spatial Information Manager

Danny Lutz
Green Roofs At Tufts

Barbara Parmenter

Elisabeth Sibley
Geothermal Energy

Hedda Steinhoff
Environmental Justice Communities

Alex Bedig
Sea Level Rise
Sarah Freeman
Water Availability

Jesse Gossett
Park Accessibility

Emily Ladow Reynolds
Site Suitability Analysis

Jim Moodie
Modeling Wind Turbines Sites

Jessica Pransky
Elevated Blood Lead Levels

Richard Torres
Ice Margins and Fish Recolonization

Kipp Callahan
Risk Assessment
Yongxuan Gao
Sea Level Rise

Melissa Henry
Smart Growth Indicators

Kirsten Lindgren
Energy Use in the Food System

Chelsea Morris
Liquefaction Hazard Mapping

Nelson Salazar
GIS and Civic Participation

Viktoria Zoltay
Pedestrian Accessibility

Mapping Community Profiles
Christina Gerstner
Watershed Imperviousness Estimation Approaches

James Huges
Siting a Wind Turbine

Danielle Lipes
Somerville T Stops

Jason Nelson
Census Data and Land Cover

Ali Shafqat Akanda
ArcGIS and ArcHydro Tools

Julia Keyser
Hurricane Katrina

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