2009 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

2009 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

Best in Show:

Jerrad Pierce
Suitability of Sample Classification Schemes in a Sodden & Scrambled Setting

Alissa Marturano
Risk Assessment of Sudden Sinkhole Formation in St. Louis, Missouri

Runners Up:

Alex Bedig
Estimating Soil Conservation Service Curve Number with Landsat and SRTM DEM Remote Sensing Data

Mackenzie Carlson
Post-Inferno Erosion: An Analysis of Erosion Rates after the Tea Fire in Santa Barbara, California


Rian Amiton
Gentrification risk analysis for Boston
Silas Bauer
Prospective Wind Farms in Vermont

Nicole Cardona
Loon Mortality in New England

Katie Cerretani
Agricultural water use in Massachusetts

Lauren Curran
Environmental Hazards in Middlesex County

Tracey Da Fonte
Techniques to Quantify Forestation in Southern New England

Tracey Da Fonte
Urbanization on Bird Species Richness

Daniel Ebin
Horseshoe Shoal & Cape Wind?

Nadia Eghbal
Mangrove Changes in Florida

Yosefa Ehrlich
Extreme Storm Vulnerability

Stacy Filocco
Mississippi school performance

Erica Fine
Educational Trails in Glacier National Park

Jonathan Gale
Glacial Drift Prospecting

Miriam Gale
Lahar Flow on Mount Rainier

Mara Gittleman
Food Insecurity in Boston

Mike Gove
Land Cover Change Analysis

Julia Gold
The Industrial and Commercial Building District in Providence, Rhode Island: Understanding the Need for Community Redevelopment

Alice Graff
Mosquito Born Disease
Annalisa Gutierrez
Sustainable Development

Sarah Halpert
Community survey analysis

Matt Hammer
Indicators of Gentrification

Sarah Hayes
Emergency access on Appalachian Trail

Elsa Head
School district performance

Jessica Hermann
Foreclosure analysis

Kara Hubbard
Opportunity Mapping

Nathalie Jean
Health Insurance Policy

Pat Knight
Detecting of Change in Snow Cover

Pat Knight
Algae farm biofuel development

Kelly Lawrence
Food Deserts in Boston

Gabriel Lopez-Bernal
Urban Spatial Environments

Alissa Marturano
Vermont Wildlife Crossings

Alissa Marturano
Urban Heat Island Effect

Dana McQuillin
Affordable Housing

Soichiro Nakahashi
Bus Rapid Transit

Karen Shilo
Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority MBTA Service Area Analysis


Julia Prange
Neighborhood Walkability
Nate Rawding
Geography of the Elderly

Juan Sanchez
Residential Retrofits

Thomas Selby
Runoff Assessment

Rachel Shapiro
Geothermal Power

Sarah Spicer
Public Transportation

Erin Sweet
High Risk Energy

Mason Stahl
Ocean Power

Eugen Taso
Nuclear Power Risk

Neil Veilleux
Organic Wastesheds

Nicolas Viveros
Environmental Equity

Abigail Vladeck
Housing Trends

Jeremy Wei
Earthquakes and Geothermal Activity

Kaiba White
Urban Sprawl

Sabrina Wu
Local Foodshed

Tammy Zborel
Buildout Analysis

Dan Zinder
Foreclosures in Florida

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