2012 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

2012 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

Best in Show:

Sarah Charlton
Where We Fight: Six Years of War in Afghanistan_

Nick Welch
Grading the Green City_

Runners Up:

John Gill
Elevated Nitrate Concentrations Above the Southern High Plains Aquifers_

Sooyeon Kang
Areas in North Korea Most in Need of Food Assistance_

Alexander Liss
Determination of Climate Zones in Conterminous United States_
Laura Smead
Pavement to Parklets Somerville_


Katie Aasland
Accessibility of Afterschool Programs in New Orleans_
Ralph Abarquez
Philippines: Income from Exports vs. Income from Remittances_

Negin Ashoori
Burden of Malaria in Mangalore, India_

Negin Ashoori
Water Consumption Patterns and Enteric Infection Transmission_


Charlie Bailey
Infrastructural “Voids” in Mali_

Lenz Bayas
Build-Out Analysis of Framingham, MA_

Ferrante Benvenuti
Mini-hydro power siting_

Ivan Boekelheide
Flooding in Thailand_

Vinita Bose
Ground Water Contamination by Septic Systems_

Andrea Brown
Land surface Predictors of Diarrheal Diseases_

Sarabeth Buckley
Wetland Health in Cape Code_

Matt Carlino
Wind Feasibility Study for Massachusetts_

Stacia Chamberlain
West Bengal’s Rural Water Sector_

Natalie Chang
Evolution of Conflict and Assistance in Afghanistan_

Kathleen Cohen
Fitness Deserts: Mapping Fitness Accessibility_

Noha Cohen-Cline
Evolution of Conflict and Assistance in Afghanistan_

Paige Colton
Racial and Ethnic Demographics in Boston_

Molly Cooney-Mesker
Climate Change Vulnerability in Forests

Lerzan Coskun
Health Status and Health Care Access Among Vietnamese Workers_

Paolo Cozzi
Renewable Portfolio Standards to Promote Wind Energy_

Franklin Crump
Data Analysis Tools for the Aida Refugee Camp_

Negar Dastejerdi
Montana Schools on Solar_

Ronak Dave
Potential for Agriculture Use in Massachusetts_

Katharine Davis
Access to Voting in the Democratic Republic of Congo_

Ana de Alba
Maximizing Media Coverage for Campaigns in Mexico_

Lisa Diprangrazio
Analyzing Vulnerability of Primary Schools_

Emily Earle
Prioritizing Heat Broiler Conversion_

Kristin Feierabend
Boston’s Community Health Centers and Neighborhood Food Environment_

Laura Fox
Sprawl in New York State’s Genesee-Finger Lakes Region_

Alex Freedman
Mapping the Intersection of Agricultural Development and Riparian Buffer Zones_

Stephanie Galaitsis
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Around the Dead Sea_

Christopher Gardner
Forest Fire Prediction Techniques in California_

Emily Geosling
Bioga Facilities to Capture Methan from Cattle Production_

Rachel Gordon
Prisoner Re-Entry in Greater Boston_
Anna Graham
Mapping Damage in Pompeii_

Michael Graham
Geographic Access to Health Facilities in North and South Kivu_

Alex Grant
Modeling the Surficial Geology of Greater Boston_


Kyle Greaves
Vulnerability of Agricultural Lands in Middlesex County_

Catie Gregg
A GIS Tool for Evaluating the Sustainability of a Municipality_

Lauren Gritzke
Climate Change Impact in Cambodia_

Caitlin Hachmyer
Subsidized Early Child Care and Education in Sonoma County_

Joanna Hamilton
Food Hub Site Suitability_

Sara Harari
Finding the Energy of Tomorrow in Today’s Trash_

Cleo Hirsch
School Choice and Racial Segregation in Boston Public Schools_

Sooyeon Kang
Areas in North Korea in Most Need of Food Assistant_

Babak Kashef
Ground Motion Prediction of Mineral Earthquake_

Sarah King
Regions of High Risk to Under-Registration of Births in Ecuador_

Megan Krey
Mapping Opportunities for Seniors in Providence, Rhode Island_

Seth Leighton
Targeting Satellite Education in Sri Lanka_

Gabriel Lewenstein
Elephant Sanctuaries Suitability Analysis_

Mariana Liebman-Pelaez
Potential Renewable Electricity Generation Sites in Massachusetts_

Alexander Liss
Cold is Dangerous_

Jing Liu
Health care and Health Outcomes for Urban and Rural Populations in China_

Katherine Lowe
Tsunami Risk Analysis of the East Coast of the United States_

Tianyi Luo
Risk Analysis of Flood in Rutland, Vermont_

Anastasia Marshak
Vulnerability to Conflict and Natural Disaster, Kenya: 1997-2010_

Gavin Matthews
PaleoIndian Movement in North America_

Molly McCullagh
Food Availability in Cambridge, MA_

Amanda Meng
Mobile Phones Produce Better Cash Transfer Outcomes in Tahoua, Niger_

Matt Missett
Targeting Areas for Revitalization in Lowell, MA_

Aziza Mohammed
Hard Power Density North of the Arctic Circle_

Jenny Molina
Child Assessment Mapping Project_

Danilo Morales
Viability of Urine-Diversion Toilets in Falmouth, MA_

David Murphy
Wind Suitability in Armenia_

Danielle Myers
Fire History in Albuquerque, New Mexico_

Tyler Norod
Foreclosure Vulnerability Analysis_

Jocelyn Braddock
Conflict Hot Spots in Somalia and Market Access

Erin Kempster
Siting Wind Suitability for Wave Power Investment in UNFCCC Non-Annex I Countries

Derek O’Leary
Hydrocarbon Reserves and Retreating Ice in the Arctic Ocean
Carolyn Pace
Rainwater Harvesting Optimization at Tufts University_


John Parker
Detecting Drought-Induced Vegetation Change in Southern Somalia

Allison Patton
Changes in Vegetative Land Cover in Rhode Island_

Michaela Paulson
Classic Maya Escape Patterns, El Salvador_


Natalie Perry
Bank Susceptibility to Fastland and Nearshore Erosion in Chesapeake Bay_

Cameron Peterson
Wind Power Suitability in West Virginia Coal Country_

John Pollock
Food Access in Washington, DC_

Rachel Rhodes
Physical Activity Resource Accessibility in Boston_

Wilnelia Rivera
Spatial Distribution of the Massachusetts Rising Electorate_

Kelsey Sanborn
Effect of a One-Foot Sea Level Rise on Saltwater Intrusion_

Sam Sandoval
Network Walkability in Alameda County, California_

Nathalie Schils
Bike Rental Stations to Address Environmental Justice_

Anne Sexton
Analyzing Stormwater Runoff from the Tufts University Medford Campus_

Saagar Shetty
Optimum Location of Wind Turbine in Massachusetts_

Justin Shilad
Crowd-Mapping and Human Security: 2011-2012 Syrian Uprising_

Laney Siegnar
Millennium Development Goals for Water and Sanitation_

Anne Skelding
Tracking the Smildon_

Marla Spivack
Using Night Lights Data to Understand Economic Impacts on Violence_

Jesse Steadman
Suitability Analysis for Beginning Farmers in Middlesex County_

Adam Stewart
Accessibility of Elder Care in Suburban Communities_

Rebekah Stiles
Using, Demographic, and Network Analyses to Map a Bus Route_

Carolyn Talmadge
Sustainability of Fairfield County_

Brian Thomas
Drought Indices and Prairie Pothole Surface Water Area_

Valerie Ullrich
Modeling Earthquake Risk and Social Vulnerability in Port-au-Prince_

Luiz Vieira
Slum Upgrading in Kibera, Nairobi_

Anne Wanlund
Vietnam: Mapping the Risks and Drivers of HIV/AIDS_

Sam Weaver
Geothermal Facilities in Montana_

Nick Welch
Applying the LEED for Neighborhood Development Rating System in Seattle, Washington_

Stefan Wirth
Strategic Oil Export Networks_

Rachel Wolber
Mapping Walkability in Santa Clara County_

Baoguang Zhai
Socioeconomic Lenses to Find Best Coastal Cities for Seasteading_

Louie Zong
Africanized Honey Bees: Spelling out their Spread