Lab Assistant Help Desk

The Data Lab is staffed with student Lab Assistants who provide immediate walk-in service and resources to the Tufts community for their GIS and statistical needs. Please see the Lab Assistant Schedule – June 2016 for their availability.

Lab Assistants are available to:

  • Provide resources for learning ArcGIS (tutorials, workbooks, etc).
  • Distribute student editions of ArcGIS
  • Trouble-shoot basic issues in ArcGIS and Statistical Software
  • Answer questions pertaining to GIS or Stats
  • Provide GIS final class project assistance
  • Assist with data searching and collection
  • Check out/in GPS units for field data collection
  • Assist with ESRI Virtual Class sign up
  • Provide Large Format Printing (GIS classes Only)

To learn more about advanced consultations and specialty services, please see Advanced Consultations & Specialty Services.
For solutions to common problems in the Data Lab, please see Problems in the Data Lab.

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