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The robot bartender will take your order now

Here’s a fun two minute interview on with Sebastian Loth, who used our Ghost In the Machine methodology to study how humans use predictive and incremental language processing to anticipate customer requests.


The report is based on this paper:

Loth S, Jettka K, Giuliani M, Kopp S, de Ruiter JP (2018) Confidence in uncertainty: Error cost and commitment in early speech hypotheses. PLOS ONE 13(8): e0201516.https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0201516



Michèle Nuijten and John Sakaluk

In this sixth episode Alex interviews two early career psychological researchers, Michèle Nuijten and John Sakaluk. Michèle is an assistant professor in the department of methodology and statistics at Tilburg University, and John is an assistant professor in the department of psychology at the University of Victoria. They discuss their experiences organizing and attending the SIPS meetings, the ways they practice the open science they preach, and how they teach research methods in the current reproducibility climate.


  1. Michèle’s website: https://mbnuijten.com/
    John’s website: https://marssresearch.wordpress.com/
    SIPS: https://improvingpsych.org/
    Methodology modules: https://osf.io/zbwr4/wiki/home/
    statcheck: http://statcheck.io/
    the crep project: https://osf.io/wfc6u/wiki/home/

Dan Simons and Steve Lindsay

In this fourth episode Alex interviews two prominent journal editors in psychology, Dan Simons and Steve Lindsay. Dan is professor of Psychology at the university of Illinois and chief editor of Advances in Methods and Practices in psychological science. Steve is professor of psychology at university of Victoria and chief editor at Psychological Science. They discuss their academic histories, the reproducibility crisis from the perspective of journal editors, and their optimism about new initiatives to reform psychological science.