2nd Latinamerican Symposium of Positive Competences

On Friday, February 18, Drs. Rich Lerner, Elizabeth Dowling, and Marc Bornstein will be giving their presentation, “Promoting Character Development Among Youth: Theory, Measurement, Research, and Program Applications,“ from 10-11am (Eastern) at the 2nd Latinamerican Symposium of Positive Competences.

We have the honor of inviting you to the II Simposio Latinoamericano de Competencias Positivas: Promoción de la gratitud en el Contexto Escolar (2nd Latinamerican Symposium of positive competences: Promotion of gratitud in the school context). In this event we will present the results and products of a research project developed by a group of professors in the Psychology Department of the Universidad de los Andes and financed by The Templeton World Charity Foundation. This project consisted of designing and piloting a program to promote gratitude in the school context from a child-centered perspective.

Diana Agudelo, Vice dean of research, Faculty of Social Science
Sonia Carrillo, Associate Professor, Department of psychology
8:30-9:30amGratitude Expedition: A program to promote gratitude in the Colombian school context
Sonia Carrilo, Universidad de los Andes
Yvonne Gomez, Universidad de los Andes
Gordon Ingram, Universidad de los Andes
10:00-11:00amCharacter development and well-being: How research on gratitude informs education
Richard Lerner, Tufts University (Speaker)
Elizabeth Dowling, Tufts University
Marc Bornstein, US National Institutes of Health
11:00-12:00pmSocioemotional skills promotion as part of positive competences: Advanced actions and evidence
The Promotion of Competences team from the Colombian national Ministry of Education

The symposium will be on the 18th of February, 2022, from 8:00am to 12:30pm. You can find the link to attend here.