CI project update

In Uganda, to reflect the conventional, variable-centered approach to program evaluation, both the CI and Non CI groups will be assessed at three times of testing across the two years of the project. At wave 2, a subsample of 32 youth (16 CI and 16 Non CI), will also be assessed across approximately 100 measurement occasions using an idiographic burst design. Analyses will assess if and how idiographic character virtue development pathways among adolescents compare with larger samples of adolescents studied in variable-centered assessments. We will use measures to assess the following character virtues and related attributes: Love; Gratitude; Hope; Contribution; Joy; Forgiveness; Purpose; Spirituality; and the Five Cs of PYD (i.e., competence, confidence, caring, character and connection).

Results will provide heretofore unavailable data informing CI’s mission to transform their programs in Africa with theory-predicated, evidence-based approaches to fostering positive CVD change, whilst also building the expertise and capacity of CI’s talented Ugandan staff to rigorously measure CVD. Findings also have the potential to revolutionize youth-development program evaluation worldwide beyond its current variable-centered approach.