PYD & Social Justice: a conversation with Dr. Celina Benavides

Dr. Benavides gifted her audience with a master lesson in work that can change not just individual institutions but, as well, our nation as a whole. This gift of her time and wisdom was truly extraordinary. The audience was fully engaged and learned so much.

Attending the Social Justice and PYD conversation with Dr. Celina Benavides was an incredible experience! Her insight on next steps to bridge the disconnect between institutional practices and the needs of first generation Latinx students in a higher education setting expanded my knowledge greatly on the topic and emphasized its importance. This series has been eye opening, and I look forward to the next conversation!  
Julia Dennis, CSHD student

The part of Dr. Benavides’ conversation today that made me think the most and contemplate how scholars might address the issue was her distinction between students in universities “dropping out” vs “being pushed out.” One puts the blame on the student. The other puts consideration on what the institution is doing and making us ask the difficult question: “what are we doing wrong to make these students not succeed?”
Lori Campbell, CSHD