PYD & Social Justice: A conversation with Dr. Emilie Smith

Ending the month of March in our series on PYD & Social Justice, Dr. Emilie Smith led an eloquent and engaging presentation. She wove together theory, research, and applications for action in a compelling and inspirational way! Her style of presentation and of bringing participants into the conversation was deeply motivating and affirming for the students and post docs in attendance.

The conversation with Dr. Emilie Smith was a true gift. She presented big-picture concepts and theories that help to center social justice within a PYD framework along with recent studies grounded in this perspective. Her presentation has given me ideas for how to foreground identity, culture, and systems of oppression in research on PYD. 
– Matt Gee, doctoral student

Professor Smith demonstrated a truism in lecturing – the deeper your understanding of a concept, the more elegantly and succinctly you can explain it. Professor Smith explained how culturally responsive actions and practices can improve the lives of youth of color – particularly in the academic context. Her statement that resonated with me the most was that we can’t keep asking kids of color to be resilient unless we are willing to shift the structures around them to set them up for success and, in so doing, show them that we believe in them. 
– Paul Chase, Ph.D., research assistant professor