Thank you to the Military Child Education Coalition for opportunities for our children

IARYD’s Chevy Cook shared with our lab over the summer that his daughter, London (age 10), would be on an upcoming episode of WGBH’s show, Arthur. As we wrote here, Chevy had been given a great chance to present the episode and some of his research at the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) national training seminar this summer. Since then, MCEC decided that they wanted to follow that presentation up with a podcast. 

Proud father Chevy wrote that he and London had “the AMAZING opportunity to talk about how we prioritize our family values as a military family specifically during a recent podcast with MCEC that came out today. Please check out how poised, mature, and positive she is.”

We would also all like to thank Tufts’ Dr. Diane Ryan publicly for thinking of London and giving her this chance.

See the links to the 20 minute podcast and the description below!

Extraordinary Military Kid London and Dad Chevy

Release Date: September 26, 2019

Overview:  Join us as we chat with Extraordinary Military Kid London and her dad Major Chevy Cook whose story will be featured in an Arthur episode“When Duty Calls” which premieres on PBS KIDS on October 16th.

London –  “I’m proud to be a military kid. Life is about opportunities and finding the positive.”

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