By Jamie Givens One of the biggest worries that I had coming into this year abroad in Hyderabad, India was not making connections to the people around me. For one, I couldn’t speak Hindi or Telugu(the state language of Telangana). I stuck out like a sore-thumb due to my big, curly […]

I am connected

By Cecilia Kennedy My host uncle strums away on his guitar as the rest of the family sings and claps along to the upbeat song “Chola Cuencana”, full of smiles and cheerful laughter. Each note escapes into the air and bursts into a mist of joyful energy, filling the room […]

A Memorable Musical Exchange

By Becca Rose Capoeira is art in motion. It’s dance, it’s gymnastics, it’s martial arts. When performed well, it’s two bodies moving as one in harmony. It starts with the premise of constant motion. A simple back and forth step called ginga is the foundation of everything else; stop moving, […]


By Finnegan Hall With October drawing to a close and my third month in Cuenca, Ecuador rapidly approaching I recently took sometime to reflect on how my time in the High Sierras has impacted me as an individual and young adult. I could go into the various little changes that […]

The Value of Home

By Kamil Krukowski I sit in a rocking chair on the second floor balcony, gazing out across my neighborhood and the eucalyptus trees lining the river. The horizon roars with a majestic pink, slowly fading into a deep orange as the sun kisses goodbye. I strum away to the tune […]

A Sea of Nevers

By Ashley Trejo First Month, India, Fall 2018 I am wet. From the moment I waked out of the air-conditioned airport my body has not yet ceased this overproduction of sweat. I am certain that everyone in India knows that I am not from here, as I feel that I […]

A Tale of Two Climates