Yearly Archives: 2017

by Stephanie Waugh I have had more adventures in the last few weeks in Ecuador than in the last few years of my life. I have been to the mountains, the beach, and the rain forest. I have driven across water, over mountains, and on highways with nothing between me […]

I’m Not in Texas Anymore

by Brenna Trollinger Today, I bought a plant. Every day on my walk to work I am surrounded by organized chaos. Here in León, Nicaragua, I pass by camionetas overflowing with people, groups of little boys playing “quitball” ( a version of baseball using arms instead of bats), and little […]


by Elizabeth Kenneally Rafaela, my host sister, is four years old, blind and a drama queen. In the beginning, I assumed that she would be the most difficult to bond with because much of my early integration involved me silently listening to conversations and simply being present. Since she couldn’t […]

Tough Love

by Chastidy Vasconez Last week I asked my host mom and her cuñado how to say peanut in Spanish. Not knowing very much English, they tilted their heads in confusion. Attempting to get my questions across, I grabbed a piece of paper and pen. “Color café.. con líneas,” I said […]

Patience, Persistence, and Maní

by Max Goldfarb A midnight start and a 9 PM finish. I don’t think I’ve ever had a busier and more relaxing day at the same time. I eagerly accepted the opportunity to go to Guayaquil, a city about three hours from Cuenca, for a farm food and artisan craft […]