Monthly Archives: March 2017

by Jordyn Voss I spent a lot of the first semester of my senior year of high school trying to sound smart. I mean, anyone applying to college is doing their best to play up every redeeming quality they have, especially when it comes to writing. Writing has always been […]

The Ocean

by Erica DeBarge Dear Spain, Is it possible to miss you even though I have three months more? The inherent kindness of strangers—their naturally open, welcoming, and talkative nature. The terrazas—why would anyone eat inside when the weather in Madrid is almost always beautiful, sunny, and breezy? The winter sunsets […]

Love Letter

by Sophia Carroll I went last weekend to visit my host family in Curitiba, the city that I stayed in for two weeks when I first got to Brazil for In-Country Orientation. My family in Curitiba is a couple with no kids, and they are both doctors, (financially comfortable and […]

Family Life