Monthly Archives: January 2018

by Katherine Wang The opinions expressed are not representative of City Year or Americorps as organizations. Self-care has been on the forefront of my mind for years. I can’t let taking care of myself go to the bottom of my priorities, and it’s been especially relevant this year, as I […]

Self-Care: 2017-2018

by Audrey Carver “Keep a journal, everyone always wishes that they had.”   This advice was given to me by practically everyone that I met before I left. Teachers, Tufts faculty, Amigos, my family. Journaling was always something that I hated, and reluctantly brought one with my without expecting to […]

My 1+4 Story: Audrey Carver

by Sophie Impellitteri Like many homes in Nicaragua, my host house is littered with rocking chairs. Made from dark wood and wicker backs, some have permanent spots while others appear to multiply as my host mother arranges and rearranges them. On my first night I decide to trust in some […]

Rocking Chairs