About the Consortium

In recent years, through forums like FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development meetings and social media, patient communities and their families are calling upon their advocacy organizations, health care providers, drug developers and the clinical research enterprise to communicate and collaborate more effectively in order to transform the pace of the development of new therapies, with the ultimate goal of increasing access to life-saving treatments.

The PALADIN consortium plays an important role in establishing more effective relationships between patient advocacy groups and biopharmaceutical companies. By working together to develop consensus-based guidelines, training, resources and competencies, collaborations between patient advocacy group- biopharmaceutical companies can be optimized. Ultimately, we believe PALADIN’s impact will enable more consistent, effective and efficient engagements that transform the pace of the development of new medical therapies and better align medicines development with patient needs.

It is our hope that PALADIN will continue to innovate and support advocacy-industry collaborations. While the focus is currently on the US ecosystem, the Consortia members believe there will be a future opportunity to leverage learnings to other countries and adjust for local regulations and laws.

About Patient Advocacy

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Patient advocacy groups are traditionally seen as the trusted partner in a patient’s health journey, serving as the support group, the educational guide and to whom patients depend upon for hope in finding a “cure” and/or simply getting the healthcare they need. Many advocacy groups are non-profit organizations with a significant amount of their time and resources committed to fundraising to support their cause. Some are involved in clinical research.

About Biopharmaceutical Industry Companies

Biopharmaceutical companies are focused in expediting and improving the clinical research process required to get new medical therapies to patients. They are for-profit organizations and are under significant pressure to meet timelines, maintain compliance and regulatory requirements, stay within financial budgets, and provide development programs that will best fit patients’ needs. Delayed clinical trials associated mainly with patient recruitment continues to delay access to potential therapies and poses one of the biggest challenges for the biopharmaceutical industry.

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The Value of Collaboration

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Efficient collaboration between two groups is essential to:

  1. Provide the advocacy groups’ patients access to therapies, potential cures, and clinical trials as a care option
  2. Support the biopharmaceutical industry in building awareness about clinical trials to patients to support expediting drug development
  3. Ensure outcomes relevant to patient communities are reflected in drug development activity
  4. Support access to clinical trials for historically underserved communities


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