Project Updates

PALADIN consortium launched in February of 2023 with the goal to build consensus driven guidelines & published resources to transform how PAGs and Industry collaborate to speed medicines development.

PALADIN’s consensus-driven accomplishments during its launch year include:

  • An established governance structure and Executive Committee
  • Four workstreams focused on priority areas: foundational standards, training & skills, diversity and inclusion, and transparent solutions
  • PALADIN branding and website
  • A playbook of best practices, guidance, and tools for effective PAG-Industry collaboration written by PALADIN members
  • A growing repository of over 100 best-in-class resources templates, and toolkits from across the PAG and Industry community

PALADIN members have initiated activities in the following areas:

  • PALADIN Asset Rollout & Refinement:
    – Evaluating the utility and value of deliverables
  • Building frameworks for Effective Collaboration
    – Standardizing best practices and learnings associated with collaborative initiatives
  • Measuring the Impact of PAG-Industry Collaborations
    – Establishing consensus-based metrics for overall collaboration performance and success

Our Four Foundational Workstreams

Consensus Driven Standards

Common foundations, processes, and approaches

Skills & Training

Common training resources to equip workforces with required skills

Improve Clinical Trial Participation

Guidelines for optimizing patient engagement and clinical trial participation

Transparent Solutions That Work

Guidelines for transparent solutions to challenges in PAG-Industry collaboration

Year 1 Deliverables

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