Vision & Goals

PALADIN is a pre-competitive, disease-agnostic  joint consortium of 20+ patient advocacy groups (PAGs) and biopharmaceutical companies (Industry) aimed to build consensus driven guidelines & published resources to transform how PAGs and Industry collaborate to speed medicines development.

In February 2023, over 20 charter groups held a kick-off meeting to collectively develop:

  • common foundations that improve Industry and PAG R&D-focused collaborations;
  • guidance and trainings for PAG and Industry representatives on how to implement patient and caregiver informed R&D approaches;
  • measures to improve diversity in clinical trials through best-practice sharing;
  • guidance and resources to improve clinical trial participation; and
  • increased knowledge-sharing about effective solutions to transform the pace of medicines development.

PALADIN Goals in 2024:

  • Evaluate the Utility and Value of PALADIN’s Launch Year Deliverables
  • Continue Skills, Training and Framework Development for Effective Collaboration
  • Establish consensus-based metrics to evaluate the overall performance and success of how PAGs and Industry Collaborate
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