PALADIN aims to optimize how patient advocacy groups and biopharmaceutical companies collaborate, to ultimately, transform the pace of medicines development.

PALADIN creates, collates, and disseminates best in class resources to operationalize collaboration between patient advocacy groups and biopharmaceutical companies.

  • Accelerated Cure Project
  • Aimed Alliance
  • Allergy & Asthma Network
  • American Kidney Fund
  • Astellas
  • AstraZeneca
  • Black Health Matters
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Cancer Support Community
  • COPD Foundation
  • CSL
  • Daiichi-Sankyo
  • Merck
  • The Michael J. Fox Foundation
  • National Alliance for Caregiving
  • National Bleeding Disorders Foundation
  • Novo Nordisk
  • PeDRA
  • Pfizer
  • Sanofi
  • Susan G. Komen
  • Takeda
  • Tigerlily Foundation

Prior to the February 2023 consortium launch, through ongoing collaborations in R&D with Sanofi, various US advocacy leaders were engaged on the concept of the consortium and invited to participate. Industry leaders were identified through ongoing patient focused collaborations or suggested by advocacy groups.

The consortium jointly embarked on creating and building:

  • Common foundations that improve industry and advocacy R&D-focused collaborations.
  • Guidance and training for advocacy and industry representatives on how to implement patient-informed R&D approaches.
  • Measures to improve diversity in clinical trials through best-practice sharing across industry.
  • Awareness programming aimed at educating and connecting patients to clinical trials.
  • Knowledge-sharing across therapeutic areas to reduce silos and maximize learnings.


  • an established charter, including governance structure
  • a membership of 57 representatives from 20+ patient advocacy groups and biopharmaceutical companies
  • a PALADIN website
  • a repository of over 100 curated and PALADIN co-created resources, templates, and tools
  • a playbook that guides patient advocacy groups and biopharmaceutical companies through processes for effective collaboration
  • consensus-driven PALADIN-created resources to enhance collaboration from each Workstream

The consortium’s focus is to cultivate efficient partnerships and ways of collaborating between patient advocacy groups and biopharmaceutical industry companies.

Patient engagement in clinical trials is the most essential core value that guides and unites PALADIN members. Our initiatives are part of the greater patient engagement movement. The more efficiently patient advocacy groups and biopharmaceutical companies can work together, the more time they will have to focus on providing support, services and opportunities to participate in clinical research.

In parallel, PALADIN complements other initiatives by curating and further disseminating best in class resources.

PALADIN members collaborate and provide recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee then prioritizes and votes on a set of annual goals. The consortium is structured so that each workstream and each sub-team can focus on an overall goal.

A member from each participating organization serves on the Executive Committee. Each workstream is co-led by one member from a PAG and one member from a biopharmaceutical company. Decisions are consensus-driven.

Yes, the Consortium is open to biopharmaceutical companies and US patient advocacy groups interested in sharing their expertise to more efficiently collaborate and partner to transform the pace of medicines development. For more information, please contact Patricia.Davidson@tufts.edu.

Each organization assigns one member to join the Executive Committee and one member to join one workstream. This could be the same person. Sponsor companies provide financial funding support and patient advocacy groups provide in-kind support.

Each PALADIN member is a part of at least one workstream. Workstream members are asked to join a 1-hour meeting monthly. In between meetings, members are asked to respond to surveys, collaborate on deliverables with other members, volunteer to lead deliverables, or participate on workstream sub-teams.

This is a co-led consortium, across all participating groups. Tufts CSDD will provide project management as well as an anti-trust attorney for oversight.

The PALADIN consortium membership includes Patient Advocacy Groups and Biopharmaceutical companies. The consortium encourages wide utilization of assets and provides opportunities for the public to provide feedback including through feedback forms on the PALADIN website.

PALADIN is testing and refining assets created for continuous improvement. We will be looking specifically at the use of resources, evaluation of their utility, reports on experience and impact.

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