Work on thermal properties of electrospun PVDF blended with fluorinated copolymer accepted for publication!

Cover photo for the March issue of Journal of Polymer Physics B shows Nelaka’s electrospun fibers as seen by SEM!

The work carried out by Nelaka Govinna investigating the thermal and structural properties of electrospun nanofibers of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) blended with a highly fluorinated copolymer was accepted to the Journal of Polymer Science, Part B. Physics. This publication is the culmination of a research collaboration with the Asatekin group of the Tufts University Chemical and Biological Engineering Department. The goal of the research was to develop an extremely hydrophobic material with high porosity and tensile strength, to allow for oil water separation. The highly flourinated copolymer gave the material high hydrophobicity, while PVDF was used to impart high mechanical strength, and electrospun into nanofibers to create a porous membrane. The work was a success, and the blended membranes were shown to be incredibly hydrophobic. Look for the work  in Journal of Polymer Science, Part B. Physics!

Nelaka presenting this work at the 2018 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston!

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