Update: Where did faculty in US Classics Departments with top-ranked graduate programs get their own PhDs?

Gregory Crane
Leipzig and Tufts Universities

Maryam Foradi
Leipzig University

June 25, 2015

[For the earlier version, see: http://tinyurl.com/pg7lloc]

On June 11, we published a discussion of the programs from which the top ten departments in a particular ranking of Classics PhD programs chose their faculty. We here publish an analysis based on all thirty-one departments in that ranking. We have sorted the results based upon numbers of assistant professors — this reflects activity over the past decade or so (if we consider both the PhD training itself and the period that assistant professors have served).

The statistics do change a bit. Four PhD programs — all in the US — now stand out, each having placed 6 or 7 of 65 assistant professors in these 31 programs and, altogether, accounting for 40% (26 out of 65) of all the assistant professors in this group. A second cluster of 11 programs (including Oxford and Cambridge) placed 2 or 3 of their PhDs in these departments. A third cluster of 12 programs (8 of them situated outside the US) placed one of their PhDs in these departments.

For the full update, check here.

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