Upcoming Request for Proposals for a new Perseus Digital Library

Gregory Crane

The University of Leipzig is preparing to release a Request for Proposals from developers to begin work on a new version of Perseus. The proposed work will build upon the Canonical Text Services protocols in general and upon the CapiTainS Tool Suite and Guidelines for CTS in particular (http://capitains.github.io/ and in particular http://capitains.github.io/pages/guidelines). The proposed work builds upon the existing CTS server in the CapiTainS ToolSuite. The focus is primarily upon the interface.

We are seeking recommendations from members of the community (Digital Humanists and Digital Classicists as well as libraries) for developers. The call will be open but we want to make sure that we reach contractors with relevant experience — we are not building a standard e-commerce site. We need a contractor who will be able to take in our needs and who will be able to accomplish the job.

While we expect that the initial contract will last one year, there is a possibility of a second phase of work generalizing the initial efforts to support a wider range of language, as planning project for a possible Global Philology Project is underway.

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