Lucian: Updating Greek and adding English

Gregory Crane

Another update for our NEH-funded Next Thirty Years of Perseus work. We have now updated Lucian. First, we have fixed issues in the Greek for Lucian works 1-52 as editing by A. H. Harmon. These were originally entered years ago (c. 2010) with a version of Abbyy Finereader that only knew modern Greek. There were some residual OCR errors as well as incorrectly accented words (usually problems because we did not account for enclitics). We also added the textual notes. There were two versions of this Greek up until now but they have been consolidated.

We have also added the corresponding English translations by Harmon. These will all appear in the next upload to the Scaife Viewer, from work 1 (Phalaris) through work 52 (Disowned/Abdicatus)

Translations for all of Lucian are ready to be added, with more than one translation for most of Lucian’s works soon to be available.

Lucian text files are at here.

To examine this work by work, you can use URLs of the form:

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