For over 20 years, PRAXIS: The Fletcher Journal of Human Security has provided a forum for innovative research in the field of human security. The PRAXIS team launched this blog in January 2013 in order to create an interactive community that allows for the exchange of different points of view and to foster discussions consistent with the Journal’s mission.

Together with the Institute for Human Security at The Fletcher School, this academic journal is issued annually and explores how the historically separate fields of humanitarian assistance, development, human rights, and conflict resolution intersect. PRAXIS is produced entirely by Fletcher students and it is available in electronic format.

The Journal welcomes articles from a wide range of geographic and disciplinary practitioners and, PRAXIS is now accepting blog-post submissions on Human Security to be published on this website throughout the year. Fletcher students, alumni, and those interested in human security are encouraged to send their submissions to our email address: fletcherpraxis@tufts.edu.

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