photo 2Undergraduate researcher Kate Voorhes today presented research from her summer project at the Summer Scholars Poster Session. Kate received a scholarship to carry out the work over this summer, mentored by Tim Atherton and postdoctoral researcher Badel Mbanga.

Kate had a particularly active summer as she was a key team member in the recent group’s residency at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia, making a huge contribution to our effort and doing some of the work she reported on.

She comments a little on how the experience has influenced her:—

“As a student, it is easy to get caught up with doing everything for a grade without realizing any long term effects. My involvement with research under Professor Atherton has greatly influenced my education career as I can relate a large part of things I learn in class to an outside project or experiment. The learning and work I do now will affect me in the long run as I hope to pursue a career in scientific research.”

Her work has substantially contributed to a paper coauthored by Badel, herself  and Tim; a preprint of the paper is available on the ArXiV — this is a fantastic outcome for an undergraduate project!

We’ve displayed her poster below for those who weren’t able to physically attend the session.



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