A signature component of Tim Atherton’s introductory classes for several years now has been the incorporation of Digital Storytelling video projects. Students in my General Physics II class at Tufts were asked as a final project to collaboratively create a short YouTube video explaining a topic within the scope of the class to a high school audience. This is important because science communication is an essential part of a scientists obligation to society.

We’re delighted to share some of the excellent videos from this year—we really hope you enjoy them!

Nicole, Hannah, Ben and Sarah Noise cancelling earphones

Eli, Sophie and John Kirchoff’s laws

Jesus, Adolfo, Matias, Lorenzo Charged Particles In Electromagnetic Fields

Alyssa, Courtney and Alec Solar Cells

Andrew, Philip and Ben The Physics Behind an Electric Guitar

Libby, Adam, Katherine and Abby  Electric Generators

Josh and Nathan Speakers and Microphones

Jillian, Grace and Olivier Dielectric Breakdown

Nived, Isaac, Zhixuan and Chukwudi AM Radio Skywave propagation

Erena, Addi, Max and Damon Induction cooking

Harry, Maura, Melissa and Olivia Electrostatics of Air Fresheners

Gavi, Ava, Olivia, Ola and Talia How Credit Cards Work

Taoli, Tian, Caleb and Katherine X-rays: Break a Leg

Kamar, Lwam, Charvady and Grace Hydroelectricity

Henry, Kristen and Corlene Electric Eels

Eduardo, Victor and Selvin Transformers

Eli, Tiamike, Josh and Michael How a Speaker Works

Jonah, Scott, Kyle and Joseph Lightning with magnets!

Andrew, Aonkon, Daniel How the Van der Graaf works

Fady and Syed How do Microwave Magnetrons work?

Renee, Bryce and Juno The Physics Behind MRIs


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